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About Our Company

Our company is specializing in importing, selling, installation and maintenance of various machinery equipment and spare parts for the Petrochemical industry needs.

Since 1995 our company has been supplying petrochemical machinery equipments, electric equipments, instruments, valves, pumps, and other equipment from well known and reputable international brands. We also perform after-sale service, spare parts supply, equipment maintenance, technical consulting.

Pre-sales service

In the process of investment into industrial equipment there are several key elements which are needed to be considered: acquisition costs, operational reliability, maintenance costs, power consumption cost, scientific planning etc. Beijing Renda Newray Chemical Machinery & Equipment Co., Ltd. always upholds professionalism to provide pre-sales technical advice free of charge for all sectors, and in accordance with the actual needs of the client to make a feasible, cost-effective design and system planning.

After-Sales Services

Our company provides professional installation and operational guidance and technical training for purchased equipments. During operation, we provide timely and effective after-sale service in order to assist clients if issue happens during production.

Spare Parts Supply, Equipment Maintenance, and Technical Consulting

We provide sourcing and sales of necessary spare parts to support operations of various modules in petrochemical refinery. We will also arrange necessary equipment maintenance and technical consulting to support various needs of our clients.
Over the years we have earned an outstanding reputation among hundreds of our clients which is backed up by our numerous successful projects.